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The Marvels Release Date

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⁣Is there a release date for the Marvels ? ⁣The Marvels release date. CONFIRMED: The Marvels is currently scheduled for release on Friday 10th November 2023.
⁣What is The Marvels about?
The sequel to Captain Marvel and the next film in Marvel’s sprawling Cinematic Universe follows S.A.B.E.R astronaut Monica Rambeau (Parris), who—after wrapping up her business with Scarlet Witch back in WandaVision—is in space, looking into an unusual wormhole. This wormhole has an apparently suspicious link to the Kree, a blue-skinned alien invader race totally different from the other major blue-skinned alien race in cinema.
While investigating this wormhole, Rambeau absorbs an inexplicable energy that links her to fellow do-gooders Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers, forcing them to swap physical spaces whenever they use their powers. The Marvels will follow their subsequent team-up (though don’t dare call it that!) as they figure out what (or who) did this to them.

⁣⁣⁣Watch the latest official ⁣⁣The Marvels teaser and trailer here.

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