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Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date On 23 February 2023

10 Views· 02/19/23
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⁣What happens when six Pogues wash ashore on a desert island? Find out now with the first nine minutes of Outer Banks Season 3.
Although the new season of the adventure drama doesn’t premiere until Feb. 23, attendees of the Outer Banks fan experience event, Poguelandia, got a sneak peek of Season 3 this past weekend — and now you can, too.
When we last saw John B (Chase Stokes) and co. at the end of Season 2, they had narrowly escaped a cargo ship with their lives and made it to a nearby shore. Despite losing their treasure to their nemeses the Camerons, it seemed like they had struck gold, washing up on this idyllic island far from home — and parental supervision.

⁣The first 8 minutes and 51 seconds of Outer Banks Season 3. Season 3 premieres in full Feb 23 only on Netflix.

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