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Morbius 2 Release Date

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When is ⁣Morbius 2 movie coming out ? ⁣As already mentioned, Morbius 2 has not yet been confirmed. Therefore there is no official release date as of yet.
⁣Morbius 2 Story Prediction
⁣Two significant storylines that Morbius 2 might continue are Bancroft’s “death” and Vulture’s allusion to the Sinister Six. We are going to start in Martine. To force Morbius into combat with him, Milo kidnaps Martine. In order to leave Martine for Morbius to find, Milo kills her just before he is about to arrive.
Martine must have been drinking from Morbius for her death to “mean something.” Thus it can be assumed that was it for her. After Morbius defeats Milo and kills him with the antibodies he created, we cut back to the rooftop where Martine’s body is found, and she is then seen opening her eyes.

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