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In Isolation Movie 2022 Release Date 27 September 2022

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⁣In Isolation comes to digital platforms on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022. The Folks hits digital on Friday, October 7th, 2022. ⁣VMI is getting into this spooky spirit with the release of not one, but two horror films from director Alexey Meets. In Isolation and The Folks are coming to digital in the coming weeks.
In Isolation follows four friends on a weekend getaway in a remote location in the countryside. A mysterious injured man shows up on their doorstep telling tales of a city ravaged by looters who have pursued him. So the friends rally to help. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems, plunging the friends into a battle for survival that challenges their deepest fears.
⁣Now check out more about The Folks:
After the unsuspecting death of Mary’s husband, she is visited by her estranged in-laws who have come to help their family during these dire times. The folks turn out to be a quite peculiar pair… Until their true intentions are revealed. No one is safe.

⁣“Alexey does a great job showcasing strong female protagonists in his films In Isolation and The Folks,” says Kendall Anlian Head of US Distribution for VMI Releasing.
“In Isolation and The Folks from a storytelling standpoint are very different films but they both contain a lot of similar elements. Both films portray a strong female protagonist, lots of action, and capture horrifying stories. I’m delighted to be partnering with VMI Releasing on these films. Buckle up and prepare yourself for a thrilling ride!” says Meets, director and producer of In Isolation and The Folks.

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