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Graveyard Rats Movie Netflix Release Date 25 October 2022

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⁣What happened in Graveyard Rats?
Masson, a desperate graverobber, was after the body of Winston in order to steal an extremely valuable saber that had been gifted by the King. Inches away from robbing his prize, Masson was forced to enter the rat’s labyrinth of tunnels, as he chased after the rats dragging away the body. Upon getting lost inside the tunnel, Masson came face to face with a giant monstrous rat, received an injury to his arm, and was chased through the tunnel.
After escaping by falling extremely deep into the tunnels, Masson found himself at the center of where the rats had been taken corpses too. To Masson’s delight, he found a number of jewels amongst the skeletons, including the priceless saber he was after. After looting, Masson noticed the statue of a monstrous creature (extremely similar to the creature from Lot 36), mumbling “Black Church” to himself. Masson then noticed a curious corpse to the side, with an exquisite necklace and pendant around its neck. However, after looting the corpse, it awoke, attempting to steal back the necklace Masson had taken from it.
Masson escaped through a nearby tunnel, with the corpse crawling in pursuit. In his attempt to stop the corpse from chasing him, he once again came face to face with the giant rat, finding himself trapped between the two. His fight with the rat resulted in the collapse of the tunnel, killing it, and blocking the undead corpse from reaching him.
Noticing a light in the tunnel above his head, Masson makes a desperate bid for freedom. Unfortunately for Masson, he found himself back where he started, but trapped within the coffin of Winston. With nowhere to go, the rats of the labyrinth swarm him, leaving him to a grizzly end.
Later, the grave of Winston is found by the two graverobbers that Masson had chased off in the beginning. Recognizing him, their thoughts of how Masson ended up in someone else’s coffin were put to rest when they noticed the jewels on him, in particular, the necklace Masson had stolen. But before the men can loot him, rats surface from his body and swarm around him.

⁣The first two episodes “Lot 36” and “Graveyard Rats” were released on Oct. 25. Then, going forward, two new episodes will be released daily through Friday, Oct. 28, when all eight sinister tales will be available.

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