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Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery Release Date 23 November 2022

16 Views· 11/08/22
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⁣The sequel sees a group of friends gather at a lavish private estate on a Greek island. They range from a governor to a scientist to a former model and more. Someone turns up dead, and the culprit could be any of them, according to Netflix.
⁣The title pays homage to the 1968 Beatles song Glass Onion, according to Netflix fan site Tudum. The idea of "glass" came to director Rian Johnson in the context of landing on "an overwrought metaphor" for Craig's detective Blanc. With that in mind, he turned to his music library.
"I'll be very honest. I literally got out my iPhone and searched my music library with the word glass," Johnson said. "The first thing that came up, because I'm a huge Beatles fan, is 'Glass Onion.'"
How do I watch it early in theaters?
The film will play in theaters for one week, from Nov. 23-29. Netflix said approximately 600 theaters in the US will show the film. Tickets are already on sale.

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