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⁣What is the release date of Drishyam 3 ? ⁣Drishyam 3 Release Date has yet to get determined. ⁣rishyam 3, which is said to be the final part of the franchise, is expected to start rolling by the end of 2023.

⁣Drishyam 3 Expected Storyline
The events in Drishyam 3 will continue those from Drishyam 2. We can skip forward a few months. Meera was persuaded by Mahesh that Vijay would never be able to have a quiet life and that this would be the most appropriate punishment for him. In the third and final part of the franchise, the investigation may reopen, and there can be evidence casting doubt on Vijay’s intellect.
The Salgaonkar family is at the center of the drama that unfolds in Drishyam as they attempt to cover up a murder they committed. Anju’s friend Sam took photos and videos of her and began blackmailing her due to these images and recordings. Anju kills him with a blow to the pipe after he gets too near to Nandini. Vijay finds a place to hide Sam’s corpse and does everything necessary to rescue his family.
Sam’s mother, Meera, has suspicions about Salgaonkar’s family and she has them imprisoned, but up until the very end, they cannot get any proof to support their accusations. When they dig, they discover a cow’s bones rather than Sam’s. In conclusion, it gets disclosed that the corpse is under the recently constructed police station.

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