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When is dancing on the grave movie coming out ? ⁣Helmed by Patrick Graham, 'Dancing On The Grave' will premiere only on Amazon Prime Video on 21st April, 2023.
⁣Dancing On The Grave, the unscripted investigative series delves deeply into the horrifying murder of Shakereh Khaleeli, which occurred in Bangalore in the early 1990s. It explores the abrupt disappearance and gruesome murder of Shakereh Khaleeli (maiden name Namazie), a well-known and wealthy heiress from a reputable family. The series has archived footage, news items, interviews, and dramatisations. Through exclusive interviews with key personnel in the events and individuals on the periphery, the four-part documentary series looks into the unexplained murder. It goes beyond the known details of the incident and includes the murderer himself, delving deeply into the crime that shocked the country nearly 30 years ago.

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