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101 Talaqain Release Date

8 Views· 03/28/23
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⁣When Is ⁣⁣⁣101 Talaqain comeing out ? ⁣101 Talaqain drama is one of the upcoming projects on Green Entertainment and the official trailer is finally out. ⁣This drama is a dark comedy that will come on air in April.
⁣Zahid Hamid is returning to the screen with an unconventional character named, Rustam Kavasji. He is acting as a divorce lawyer who deals with the problems of different clients. He presents all the cases in a comic way.
While keeping the comic element, the main aim of 101 Talaqain drama’s purpose is to highlight problems in marriage. In Pakistani society, problems within marriage are ignored as being normal but they disturb the lives of a whole family. He decodes all the cracks in the marriages of his clients that are on the brink of falling.
The trailer shows how the love relationship gradually turns into hate in a marriage. Through the less-than-two-minute trailer, the partners keep on complaining about each other. you can watch them saying things like, “all women are the same”, “there’s no difference between men and soap. They slip anytime.”, and partners complaining about each other’s space.
Meanwhile, the couples fight with each other, our divorce guru, Zahid Ahmed makes his humorous yet thought-provoking comments on their situation. He talks about mistrust in relationships. He criticises the impact of a third person in a closed relationship like marriage. The whole trailer has a lot of couples from different walks of life and different ages.
101 Talaqain drama is going to be a full-fledged comedy for the viewers. Yet it gives a powerful message to accept divorce as an option for a happy life. Is this drama trying to imply that divorce is better than an unhappy marriage? Or it will help in healing the cracks in marriage to let the couples live happy life with each other. Let’s wait to find out more about the drama.

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