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Wondering when your favorite shows are coming back and what new series you can look forward to? We’ve got you covered with this 2022 TV Premiere Dates Calendar

We’ll continue to update this page weekly as networks announce dates. A lot of these shows we’ll be watching or covering, so be sure to follow along with us! 

New TV Series Release Dates 2022

This are U.S. releases. For upcoming British releases, head on over here.

Wednesday, September 21The Conners (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Chicago Med (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21The Goldbergs (8:30 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21NOVA “Ending HIV in America” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, September 21Lego Masters (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Wednesday, September 21Abbott Elementary (9:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Chicago Fire (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21Home Economics (9:30 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Big Sky (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 21Chicago P.D. (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Wednesday, September 21Super/NaturalDisney+
Thursday, September 22Thai Cave RescueNetflix
Thursday, September 22The Dreamlife of Georgie StoneNetflix
Thursday, September 22Karma’s WorldNetflix
Thursday, September 22Snabba CashNetflix
Thursday, September 22The HypeHBO Max
Thursday, September 22Law & Order (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Thursday, September 22Law & Order: SVU (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Thursday, September 22Law & Order: Organized Crime (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Thursday, September 22Raven’s HollowShudder
Friday, September 23Pokemon: The Arceus ChroniclesNetflix
Friday, September 23The Girls at the BackNetflix
Friday, September 23Jamtara: Sabka Number AyegaNetflix
Friday, September 23Haunted ScotlandDiscovery+
Friday, September 23Shark Tank (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Friday, September 23Great Performances “Intimate Apparel” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Saturday, September 24Dateline: Weekend Mystery (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Saturday, September 24SNL Vintage (10:00 p.m.)NBC
Sunday, September 25The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth (8:00 p.m.)Showtime
Sunday, September 25Lucy Worsley Investigates (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, September 25Celebrity Jeopardy! (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, September 25The Simpsons (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25The Great North (8:30 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25The Murdochs: Empire of InfluenceCNN
Sunday, September 25Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (9:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, September 25Van der Valk (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, September 25Bob’s Burgers (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25Family Guy (9:30 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, September 25The Rookie (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, September 25POV “Delikado” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, September 26A Trip to InfinityNetflix
Monday, September 26My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter Netflix
Monday, September 26Chefs v. WildHulu
Monday, September 26Halloween Cookie Challenge (8:00 p.m.)Food Network
Tuesday, September 27Reasonable DoubtHulu
Tuesday, September 27Bachelor in Paradise (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Tuesday, September 27Bobby’s Triple Threat (9:00 p.m.)Food Network
Tuesday, September 27La Brea (9:00 p.m.)NBC
Tuesday, September 27Outchef’dFood Network
Tuesday, September 27The Rookie: Feds (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Wednesday, September 28Eat the Rich: The GameStop SagaNetflix
Wednesday, September 28Inside the World’s Toughest PrisonsNetflix
Wednesday, September 28Too Hot to Handle: BrazilNetflix
Wednesday, September 28The D’Amelio Show Hulu
Wednesday, September 28Star Wars: The Bad BatchDisney+
Wednesday, September 28The Mighty Ducks: Game ChangersDisney+
Wednesday, September 28Survivor (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Wednesday, September 28Rivers of Life (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, September 28NOVA “Saving Venice” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, September 28Hostages (9:00 p.m.)HBO
Wednesday, September 28The Amazing Race (9:30 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29The EmpressNetflix
Thursday, September 29Looney Tunes Cartoons Halloween SpecialHBO Max
Thursday, September 29Dragon Rescue Riders: Heroes of the SkyPeacock
Thursday, September 29Hell’s Kitchen (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Thursday, September 29Young Sheldon (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Ghosts (8:30 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Ghost Adventures: Devil’s Den (9:00 p.m.)Travel Channel
Thursday, September 29Welcome to Flatch (9:00 p.m.)Fox
Thursday, September 29So Help Me Todd (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Thursday, September 29Call Me Kat (9:30 p.m.)Fox
Thursday, September 29CSI: Vegas (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Friday, September 30Queer for FearShudder
Friday, September 30EntergalacticNetflix
Friday, September 30Floor is LavaNetflix
Friday, September 30Human PlaygroundNetflix
Friday, September 30Phantom PupsNetflix
Friday, September 30JunglePrime Video
Friday, September 30RamyHulu
Friday, September 30Wolfboy and the Everything FactoryApple TV+
Friday, September 30Get Rolling with OtisApple TV+
Friday, September 30The Curse of Robert the Doll (8:00 p.m.)Travel Channel
Saturday, October 1Austin City Limits (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Saturday, October 1Ghost Hunters (9:00 p.m.)Travel Channel
Saturday, October 1Beyond the Headlines: Gabby Petito (10:00 p.m.)Lifetime
Saturday, October 1Housing Complex C (12:00 a.m.)Adult Swim
Sunday, October 2Red ElectionHulu
Sunday, October 2Jack Osbourne’s Haunted HomecomingDiscovery+
Sunday, October 2The Walking Dead (9:00 p.m.)AMC
Sunday, October 2Interview with the Vampire (10:00 p.m.)AMC
Sunday, October 2America’s Funniest Home Videos (7:00 p.m.)ABC
Sunday, October 2Family Law (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Sunday, October 2The Equalizer (8:30 p.m.)CBS
Sunday, October 2Coroner (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Sunday, October 2East New York (9:30 p.m.)CBS
Monday, October 3A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar SpecialHulu
Monday, October 3Meet Marry MurderLifetime
Monday, October 3The House That Norm Built (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, October 3POV “The Last Out” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, October 3The Good Doctor (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Tuesday, October 4SherwoodBritBox
Tuesday, October 4Making Black America: Through the Grapevine (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 4Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 5Abominable and The Invisible CityHulu
Wednesday, October 5Chucky (9:00 p.m.)Syfy
Wednesday, October 5Kung Fu (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Wednesday, October 5The Real Love Boat (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Wednesday, October 5NOVA “Rebuilding Notre Dame” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 5Reginald the Vampire (10:00 p.m.)Syfy
Wednesday, October 5PBS NewsHour “Ricochet: An American Trauma” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 6Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s ButlerHBO Max
Thursday, October 6A Friend of the FamilyPeacock
Thursday, October 6Station 19 (8:00 p.m.)ABC
Thursday, October 6Walker (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Thursday, October 6Walker Independence (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Thursday, October 6Grey’s Anatomy (9:00 p.m.)ABC
Thursday, October 6Alaska Daily (10:00 p.m.)ABC
Friday, October 7GlitchNetflix
Friday, October 7Derry GirlsNetflix
Friday, October 7The Midnight ClubNetflix
Friday, October 7OddballsNetflix
Friday, October 7The Redeem TeamNetflix
Friday, October 7Nailed It!Netflix
Friday, October 7Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer TapesNetflix
Friday, October 7The MoleNetflix
Friday, October 7HellraiserNetflix
Friday, October 7The Problem With Jon StewartApple TV+
Friday, October 7Let the Right One
Friday, October 7Ghost Brothers: Lights OutDiscovery+
Friday, October 7S.W.A.T. (8:00 p.m.)CBS
Friday, October 7Fire Country (9:00 p.m.)CBS
Friday, October 7Next at the Kennedy Center (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, October 7Blue Bloods (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Sunday, October 9Secrets of the Dead (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 9NCIS: Los Angeles (10:00 p.m.)CBS
Monday, October 10My Life is MurderAcorn TV
Monday, October 10All American (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Monday, October 10All American: Homecoming (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Monday, October 10POV “Accepted” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 11The Winchesters (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Tuesday, October 11Professionals (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Tuesday, October 11Becoming Frederick Douglass (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 12Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking CompetitionNetflix
Wednesday, October 12NOVA: “Computers vs. Crime” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 13Dead End: Paranormal ParkNetflix
Friday, October 14Everything Calls for SalvationNetflix
Friday, October 14ShantaramApple TV+
Friday, October 14Martha GardensThe Roku Channel
Friday, October 14Penn & Teller: Fool Us (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Friday, October 14Whose Line Is It Anyway? (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Saturday, October 15Under The Queen’s UmbrellaNetflix
Sunday, October 16Miss Scarlet & The Duke (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 16Magpie Murders (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, October 16Annika (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Monday, October 17The Paloni Show! Halloween Special!Hulu
Monday, October 17The Vow: Part 2 (9:00 p.m.)HBO
Monday, October 17POV “An Act of Worship” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 18Somebody Feed PhilNetflix
Tuesday, October 18Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3Netflix
Wednesday, October 19Documentary Now!IFC
Wednesday, October 19Nature: “Running with the Beest” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 19NOVA “Can Psychedelics Cure?” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 19Secrets of the Dead: “Last Days in Pompeii” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 20One of Us Is LyingPeacock
Friday, October 2128 Days Haunted 
Friday, October 21From ScratchNetflix
Friday, October 21BarbariansNetflix
Friday, October 21The PeripheralPrime Video
Friday, October 21AcapulcoApple TV+
Friday, October 21GhostwriterApple TV+
Friday, October 21Ron Carter: Finding the Right Notes (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, October 21Joe Bob Halloween 2022 Special (9:00 p.m.)Shudder TV
Saturday, October 22Magic With the Stars (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Saturday, October 22World’s Funniest Animals (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Saturday, October 22Beyond The Headlines: Swindler Seduction (10:00 p.m.)Lifetime
Monday, October 24Independent Lens “Tik Tok, Boom” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, October 25Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of CuriositiesNetflix
Wednesday, October 26Star Wars: Tales of the JediDisney+
Wednesday, October 26The Mysterious Benedict SocietyDisney+
Wednesday, October 26Sherman’s ShowcaseIFC
Wednesday, October 26NATURE “CANADA: Surviving the Wild North” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 26NOVA “Disrupting Darwin/Lionfish” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, October 26Secrets of the Dead: “The End of the Romans” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, October 27Daniel SpellboundNetflix
Thursday, October 27Romantic KillerNetflix
Thursday, October 27Star Trek: ProdigyParamount+
Thursday, October 27True Crime Story: IndefensibleAMC+
Friday, October 28The Bastard Son & The Devil HimselfNetflix
Friday, October 28Big MouthNetflix
Friday, October 28Drink MastersNetflix
Friday, October 28Ghosts of Flight 401 (8:00 p.m.)Travel Channel
Friday, October 28Dia De Los Muertos! (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, October 28Urban Legend (10:00 p.m.)Travel Channel
Friday, October 28Milk Street’s Cooking SchoolThe Roku Channel
Friday, October 28Milk Street’s My Family RecipeThe Roku Channel
Saturday, October 29Beyond The Headlines: An Amish Sin (10:00 p.m.)Lifetime
Monday, October 31The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring InfernoTravel Channel
Tuesday, November 1Below Deck Adventure (9:00 p.m.)Bravo
Wednesday, November 2NATURE “Woodpeckers: The Hole Story” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, November 3BlockbusterNetflix
Thursday, November 3The CapturePeacock
Thursday, November 3The SuspectSundance Now
Friday, November 4ManifestNetflix
Friday, November 4SlumberkinsApple TV+
Friday, November 4Lopez vs. Lopez (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Friday, November 4Young Rock (8:30 p.m.)NBC
Friday, November 4Great Performances: “New York Philharmonic Geffen Hall Reopening” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Sunday, November 6MoodBBC America
Sunday, November 6Dangerous Liaisons (9:00 p.m.)Starz
Monday, November 7Independent Lens “Move Me” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, November 8PBS Newshour Midterm Elections Special Coverage (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 9Nature: “American Ocelot” (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 9NOVA: “Crypto Decoded” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 9Zootopia+Disney+
Thursday, November 10The Big BrunchHBO Max
Thursday, November 10The MissingPeacock
Friday, November 11Circuit BreakersApple TV+
Sunday, November 13Tulsa KingParamount+
Sunday, November 13YellowstoneParamount+
Monday, November 14TeletubbiesNetflix
Monday, November 14American Experience “Taken Hostage” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Wednesday, November 16Call My Agent! [Korean Version]Netflix
Wednesday, November 16Martha CooksThe Roku Channel
Wednesday, November 16NOVA “Zero to Infinity” (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Friday, November 18The Great British Baking Show: Holidays EditionNetflix
Friday, November 18Interrupting ChickenApple TV+
Friday, November 18Martha HolidaysThe Roku Channel
Friday, November 18Emeril CooksThe Roku Channel
Friday, November 18Planet Sex with Cara DelevingneHulu
Sunday, November 20The L Word: Generation Q (8:00 p.m.)Showtime
Monday, November 21POV “Midwives” (10:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, November 22American Masters (9:00 p.m.)PBS
Tuesday, November 22Welcome to ChippendalesHulu
Wednesday, November 23Pitch Perfect: Bumper in BerlinPeacock
Wednesday, November 23King Tut: Allies and Enemies (8:00 p.m.)PBS
Thursday, November 24First LoveNetflix
Sunday, November 27KrapopolisFox
Wednesday, November 30Snack vs. ChefNetflix
Wednesday, November 30WillowDisney+
Wednesday, November 30IrreverentPeacock
Thursday, December 1HushALLBLK
Thursday, December 1Wicked CityALLBLK
Friday, December 16Cook At All CostsNetflix
Friday, December 16Paradise PDNetflix
Thursday, December 22The Best Man: The Final ChaptersPeacock
Thursday, December 22SnapALLBLK

If we’ve forgotten a show, feel free to drop a reminder in the comment section below!

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