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⁣It’s been over a decade since we last saw the dangerously cuddly cat who was first introduced to audiences via the Shrek franchise, and it’s clear that while he’s aged, time hasn’t slowed him down. Having exhausted eight of his nine lives, Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) has checked into a retirement home where he’s now forced to wait in line for a communal litter box and chokes down dry-food dinners at a trough.
⁣It’s been over a decade since we last saw the dangerously cuddly cat who was first introduced to audiences via the Shrek franchise, and it’s clear that while he’s aged, time hasn’t slowed him down. Having exhausted eight of his nine lives, Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) has checked into a retirement home where he’s now forced to wait in line for a communal litter box and chokes down dry-food dinners at a trough.

⁣You can check out the latest trailer for Puss in Boots: The Last Wish below and prepare to watch the suave and heroic outlaw fight for his right to life when the feature hits theaters on December 21.

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⁣Now, another exciting film is on its way to entertain you all with its different storyline and the amazing performance by the entire cast.
We are talking about Neflix’s upcoming and most-awaited super natural thriller film Qala, which will be released soon on the platform. It is said to be hauntingly beautiful tale about a daughter who yearns for her mother’s love.
⁣Netflix release this psychological thriller film on 1st of December 2022.

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⁣A Man of Action follows the life of the Spanish anarchist who pulled off a legendary counterfeiting operation in Paris that landed him in the crosshairs of America's largest bank after managing to acquire a large amount of money by forging traveler's cheques.
A Man of Action is a fast-paced film that spans five decades, from the 1940s to the 1980s, and follows Lucio from his humble beginnings as a bricklayer turned bank robber to taking the lead in bringing down one of the world's largest banks.
⁣Netflix has revealed the first trailer for the Spanish-language film, ‘A Man of Action,’ based loosely on the life of Spanish anarchist Lucio Urtubia. ‘A Man of Action’ will release on November 30 on Netflix, worldwide.

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⁣Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam is an upcoming Telugu action thriller film written and directed by A.R. Mohan, known for working as an art director in movies like Sindhubaadh, Chandi Veeran, Kadamban etc.
⁣It is one of the most-anticipated projects of actor Allari Naresh and its dialogues are penned by Abburi Ravi. The film is produced by Razesh Danda along with Balaji Gutta and holds the banners of Zee Studios and Hasya Movies.
On the technical front, Raam Reddy is cranking the camera, Chota K. Prasad is handling the editing work while the film’s music and background score are composed by Sricharan Pakala. Brahma Kadali is serving as the art director in the film.
⁣Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam RELEASE DATE
The official announcement from the makers regarding the release date ’25-11-2022

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⁣Monday began with the release of Kajol and Revathy's Salaam Venky trailer. The film showcases the story of a doting mother (played by Kajol) and her son named Venky (played by Vishal Jethwa) as they navigate through every challenge that life and circumstances throw their way. The trailer is replete with emotional moments. Another highlights of the trailer certainly has to be a cameo appearance by superstar Aamir Khan, who appears at the end of the video and just looks deeply into the camera, sans a word being spoken. Fans couldn't keep calm after the trailer's release and the many tweets reflect the jovial mood of Aamir Khan fans.
⁣Salaam Venky is an upcoming Hindi movie scheduled to be released on 9 Dec, 2022.

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Fast 11 release date, ⁣If we were living in an alternate reality, we would have already seen Fast X in theaters and on Blu-ray by now (it was originally slated to open on April 2, 2021), and would be talking about all the ways to watch it and other Fast and Furious movies streaming instead of discussing its upcoming debut. But this is some good news as Fast and Furious 10 is now set to be released on May 19, 2023, which seems like one hell of a way to kick off the summer Blockbuster season.

⁣Over the course of the past 21 years, the Fast and Furious franchise has transformed itself from a movie about street racing and boosting DVD players to one of today’s most profitable and off-the-wall cinematic experiences with a slew of sequels, spinoffs, television shows, video games, and more. During that time, the movies have also gone from moderate box office successes to absolute juggernauts, with Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious both eclipsing the billion-dollar mark worldwide. Even F9: The Fast Saga, which was released in a pandemic, brought in a large chunk of change upon its June 2021 theatrical release.
All of this is to say that the franchise is here to stay, for a few more movies at least, with its 10th main installment, now officially known as Fast X, on the way. But before you grab your Corona, Von Dutch shirts, and start tinkering with your Dodge Charger, here are some things you should know about one of the most anticipated 2023 movies.

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⁣Masooda is the third film from the makers of Malli Raava and Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya. The film is set up in an interesting genre of horror drama. So far, the poster, teaser, and trailer for the film have all looked very interesting. Even the promotional stuff is exciting and promises the audience all the ingredients of a horror serving. The makers of Masooda have announced an interesting update today.
The makers of Masooda announced the new release date for the film today. Masooda is going to be released on November 18th, as per the announcement today.

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⁣An Action Hero will hit the theatres on December 2, 2022. Apart from Ayushmann, the movie also stars Jaideep Ahlawat in the lead role and it is directed by Anirudh Iyer.
Talking about working on An Action Hero, Ayushmann said, "An Action Hero is a genre breaker for me. It is different from my staple genre of social comedy and there is no message in it. There is pure thrill. It is a roller coaster ride."
"This film is about an extraordinary man in an ordinary situation. The emotion of revenge is an ordinary thing. But, if a superstar happens to be in that ordinary situation, how does he deal with it, is what this story is about," he added.

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⁣I Hate Christmas, Netflix’s first Italian Christmas series, stars Pilar Fogliati (Cuori) as Gianna, a woman who doesn’t buy into Christmastime sentimentality and is content to stay single during the holidays.
“I shall not bend,” she says in I Hate Christmas’ newly-released trailer, which hypes up the Lux Vide-produced TV show’s December 7 debut. “I am proud of my independence. I don’t need a boyfriend to be happy.”

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⁣Netflix’s The Witcher has had a tumultuous couple of weeks, after replacing fan-favorite Henry Cavill with Liam Hemsworth as Geralt, but that hasn’t slowed down the upcoming prequel. The Witcher: Blood Origin got a new trailer on Thursday, and the focus is all about Michelle Yeoh, a sword-elf named Scian who is on a quest for a magical stolen blade. The Witcher: Blood Origin is set for release on Dec. 25.

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⁣The first batch of six episodes of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area landed on Netflix in the Summer, and fans have been made to wait patiently for season 2. It has now been confirmed that the remaining episodes will be coming to Netflix in December 2022. Here’s everything we know so far about Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area season 2 on Netflix.
Produced by BH Entertainment and Content Zium, Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area is a South Korean Netflix Original series and adaptation of the beloved Spanish crime drama La Casa De Papel (Money Heist). Adapting Alex Pina’s story was the screenwriter Ryu Yong-Jae, who was assisted by Choe Sung-jun and Kim Hwan-Chae.
While the Korean adaptation doesn’t match the same quality as its Spanish predecessor, it has its own charms and quirks that help make it stand apart.
⁣When is Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area season 2 coming to Netflix?
Thanks to the release of the official teaser trailer, we can now confirm that the second season of Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area is coming to Netflix on Friday, December 9th, 2022.

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⁣As every John Wick fan knows, 2023 will be a great year for the franchise. Even though we have no official release date for the upcoming prequel series The Continental and spin-off movie Ballerina, a 2023 to 2024 release window seems reasonable for both since they are well into production. What we do know for sure is that John Wick: Chapter 4 is coming in late March of next year, and we finally have a new trailer that gives us a better sense of how the new installment of the gun-fu franchise will play out.
In the sneak peek that we premiered in July, we were promised more guns, sword fights, nightclubs, and dogs and the new trailer underscores all of that and doubles the bet by showcasing more epic action. It also highlights Wick's venture into the streets and museums of Paris, as well as the sands of a desert. The trailer wraps things up with the idea that there's only "one way out" and "no way back," which leaves a lot to speculate about the direction that this movie might take. Will Wick even make it out alive? John Wick 4 will see Reeves reuniting with his former Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne. In addition to Ian McShane, the film will also see the return of Charon (Lance Reddick), and rounding out the cast is Donnie Yen, Shamier Anderson, Bill Skarsgård, Rina Sawayama, Hiroyuki Sanada, Scott Adkins, and Clancy Brown.
⁣John Wick: Chapter 4 premieres in theaters on March 24, 2023.

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⁣Wednesday has been called a unique mix of fantasy-horror-mystery-comedy – but has been described first and foremost as a coming-of-age series. The 8-episode first season follows Wednesday Addams' years as a student at Nevermore Academy. According to the official synopsis released by Netflix, the show will chart “Wednesday's attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.”
⁣When is Wednesday coming out on Netflix?
Our spookiest wishes are being granted — Wednesday will arrive on Netflix later this year, on November 23. Exactly two months ahead of its premiere date, Netflix tweeted the news with a brand-new poster for the series. Eep!

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⁣Netflix’s has welcomed its Blood & Water viewers back to Parkhurst High with a teaser for the new season! The teen drama premiered May 20, 2020 on the streamer with an explosive 6-episode first season and was quickly renewed for a second, which premiered September 24, 2021.
The South African series stars Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema, Gail Mabalane, and Thabang Molaba as it tells the story of a high school girl named Puleng, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and her missing sister who was supposedly kidnapped by a human trafficking network. As the show continues, Puleng meets a mutual friend, Fikile. Upon noticing that they share an uncanny resemblance, she makes it her mission to uncover her family’s dark past.
Blood & Water is well-received and has garnered a healthy fanbase with high scores on Rotten Tomatoes and a few celebrity watchers. (We see you, Gabrielle Union.) Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season and its release date.
⁣Netflix shared a synopsis for the new season in a press release. The streaming giant wrote, “​​After an explosive second season finale, the Parkhurst faves are back for yet another school term where new tensions and dramas unfold,” and teased that Puleng and Fikile “inch closer to the truth amid a plethora of unanswered questions.” Sounds like some pretty wild stuff!

⁣The streamer also released a teaser video which reveals the Season 3 premiere date. The one-minute clip features the tagline, “same friends, fresh blood, new waters,” and shows the beloved group getting into a bunch of mayhem including parties, arrests, and a dead body???
Blood & Water Release Date
Blood & Water Season 3 will premiere November 25, 2022 on Netflix.

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⁣The music biopic has always been a popular trend and movie fans are getting another entry in 2023 with Chevalier. But while the likes of Ray, Walk the Line, Straight Outta Compton and Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (more of a parody, but in the same line) portrayed more contemporary musicians, Chevalier is focusing on a legendary French classical composer who was the closest thing to a rock star in the 18th century.
Though the story takes place during the period of the French Revolution and features historical figures, including Marie Antoinette, the chance to see the story of Joseph Bologne, who is often referred to as the "Black Mozart" — performed by the rising star of Kelvin Harrison Jr. — makes this one to watch in the first half of 2023.
⁣Chevalier release date
Chevalier premieres exclusively in movie theaters on April 7, 2023, in the US (a UK release date has not been confirmed).

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⁣After a long wait, Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan unveiled the trailer of his upcoming romantic thriller Freddy. The film will be released on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar on December 2. Ahead of the release, the makers teased the fans with a short sneak peek into the drama that answers the question-- to what extent can one go for love or vengeance. Kartik Aaryan plays a dentist-- Dr. Freddy Ginwala in the film who is haunted by his traumatic past. The film also stars Alaya F who plays Kainaaz.

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⁣Brendan Fraser was a bona fide movie star in the 1990s, but has been under the radar in the 21st century. That looks to change with The Whale, a new drama starring Fraser from director Darren Aronofsky.
The Whale, which comes from a screenplay by Samuel D. Hunter (Baskets) based on his own play, is garnering Oscar buzz for Fraser’s physical transformation, but what else do you need to know about this new movie? Let’s take a look at the key details.
The Whale release date
The Whale comes to US audiences on December 9 (it's not clear if it is going wide to all markets immediately or is getting a limited rollout to start). The movie has set a UK release date of February 3, 2023.

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⁣The sequel sees a group of friends gather at a lavish private estate on a Greek island. They range from a governor to a scientist to a former model and more. Someone turns up dead, and the culprit could be any of them, according to Netflix.
⁣The title pays homage to the 1968 Beatles song Glass Onion, according to Netflix fan site Tudum. The idea of "glass" came to director Rian Johnson in the context of landing on "an overwrought metaphor" for Craig's detective Blanc. With that in mind, he turned to his music library.
"I'll be very honest. I literally got out my iPhone and searched my music library with the word glass," Johnson said. "The first thing that came up, because I'm a huge Beatles fan, is 'Glass Onion.'"
How do I watch it early in theaters?
The film will play in theaters for one week, from Nov. 23-29. Netflix said approximately 600 theaters in the US will show the film. Tickets are already on sale.

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⁣Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi ‘Hot Skull’ sees the world affected by the perils of a new plague that spreads via a unique way of transmission.
“In a dystopian world, an epidemic spreads through verbal communication, and a tyrannical institution pursues a linguist immune to the disease.”
Other details
The eight-part series is an adaptation of the novel by Afşin Kum that was published in 2016 with the same name.
⁣Release date
Hot Skull will premiere on December 2, 2022, on Netflix.

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⁣Miral is an upcoming Tamil movie scheduled to be released on 11 Nov, 2022. The movie is directed by M. Sakthivel and will feature Bharath, Vani Bhojan and K.S. Ravikumar as lead characters.
⁣Superstar Sivakarthikeyan, on Wednesday, May 1, 2022 launched the first look and motion poster of the film. He also launched the trailer of S.J. Suryah starrer thriller Bommai.
The intriguing motion poster of the thriller shows a windmill farm, electricity towers, a car and promises an intense dark thriller. An intense and dark thriller is just one week far from here.
The official trailer has been released, Tamil audiences pouring love on this, save the date ’11-11-2022′:

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